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Bicycles to the Rescue

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Want to hear our latest musing on bicycles, advocacy, adventure, and so much more? Check out our Bicycles to the Rescue podcast, hosted by Cycle Craft owner Brendan Poh.

E Bikes Are Not Cheating!

May 27 2020

The new revolution in cycling are E-bikes. Pedal assist bicycles are a great way for people to get into the fun riding without the physical hurdle of getting in shape before it starts to be fun.

Bicycle Racing Is Stupid-Fight Me!

May 18 2020

For as long as there have been bicycles there has been bicycle racing. Is that a good thing? In light of some people doing whatever it takes to win, including all kinds of cheating, should we just stop bike racing ?

BTTR-The Politics of Infrastructure

Jan 28, 2020

If you pay any attention to people talking about bike safety the topic always turns to infrastructure and how it's so terrible here in the USA. "This isn't Denmark" you'll hear people say. Funny thing though-Denmark was not always the bicycle friendly place it is today. So what does it take? Time and pressure-people need to be involved and energized for the long haul-Our interview is with Christine Keeney, a transportation planning professional on the front lines of making America a more bicycle friendly place.

Road Warrior Phil Davies

Jan 7, 2020

Is a bike a suitable replacement for a car? Phil says the answer is maybe. Give a listen and decide for yourself!

BTTR Throw Away Your Car!

Nov 27, 2019

Lets face the facts-We love cars! From the time we are little kids we were taught that owning and driving a car was about the coolest thing you could do  that signaled you were an adult and that your status was all about what car you were driving. But the reality is our over-population of cars is literally choking the planet. There are lots of things we could do to be better stewards of our planet -Stop eating meat, turn down the thermostat, reduce-reuse-recycle, etc. But the one thing that we can do as individuals that has a big impact is reduce the number of car trips we make. How? It's BICYCLES TO THE RESCUE!

Bicycles and Your Health

Nov 20, 2019

Yeah we've heard it all-your doctor says you should exercise more and eat better. Well we're here to tell you that you don't need to exercise, you just need to go have fun on your bike! So, if you need a health boost-it's Bicycles To The Rescue!

Bicycles and Climate Change

Nov 13, 2019

In a world that is becoming increasingly polarized over the politics of climate change it has become difficult for a regular person to separate the facts from the fiction and really understand what is going on in our natural world. In this episode we explore the political divisions around climate change, whether or not it matters, and how bicycles come to the rescue.

Bicycles To The Rescue Episode 1

Nov 7, 2019

In our earlier podcast called N+1, while we were discussing bicycles, we were pretty focused on the bicycle as an object. Going forward with a new name and direction, Bicycles To the Rescue explores all the ways in which a bicycle is a simple solution to a lot of complex problems. Personal health and happiness, climate change, social justice-these are all areas in which bicycles can make a difference. 

Before there was Bicycles to the Rescue...

N Plus One Episode 4

Dec 28, 2018

It seems like there are fewer kids riding bikes these days. We don't think that is a good trend! One solution we have found to fight this trend is NICA-The National Interscholastic Cycling Association-Learn more about this amazing program. You just might want to get involved with your family!

N Plus One Episode 3

Oct 29, 2018

In this episode Brendan and Kevin kick around the notion of how many bikes does any one person really need to own. The answer may not be as straight forward as you think!

N Plus One-Episode 2 part 2

Oct 15, 2018

Is it just me or do the roads seem to be getting more dangerous. This week we discuss the reality and perception of cycling and safety out on the roads. Our guest, Cyndi Steiner, is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition. Cyndi is an authority on this topic and has a perspective that you will find interesting if you ride bikes on the road in Jersey.

We're getting killed out here! Part 1

Oct 19, 2018

In this episode we present part 2 of our interview with Cyndi Steiner, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition. In part 1 we discussed some of the issues facing cyclists on the roads in NEw Jersey. Part 2 delves into what the Coalition does and some of the accomplishments since its formation eleven years ago.

N Plus One Inaugural

Oct 5, 2018

The inaugural episode of N+1 the podcast that looks at all things bicycles and cycling to debunk the BS and get at the truth of bicycles and why we love them so much. Episode one looks at the evolution of a bike nut through the prism of a brotherly connection to bikes and the memories created thtough cycling.