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Bicycle Fit Lab

Unlock Your Potential

At Cycle Craft, we believe that the best results come from exceptional, professionally trained fitters using the best bike fit tools available. Fortunately, we offer both expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to help you improve your comfort and performance on every ride. Learn more about our bike fit options and schedule your appointment today.

Advanced Bike Fit


A comprehensive service for any cyclist looking for comfort and performance on their bike. The Advanced Fit is suitable for any type of rider and can be used to dial in an existing bike or to facilitate making a new bike purchase. We use advanced methodology, precision equipment, and years of experience  to evaluate your needs and find your ideal solution. The Advanced Fit can be booked using the link below. If you have questions, you can contact Brendan Here.

Hourly Follow Up


The Fit Update Service is for previous clients who have completed an Advanced Fit within the past 2 years. Use the Fit Update Service to make necessary adjustments to your position based on any physical changes, New equipment, or changes in objectives and goals for your cycling. 

Peloton Bike Fit


Currently Not Available

Brendan Poh

Brendan has been fitting people on bikes for over 20 years. With certifications in a variety of methodologies including Serotta and FIST and hundreds of bike fits, Brendan has the experience and skills to help you find your ideal bike set up.

What Are People Saying?

Bike Fitting for Teenage Daughter

My daughter had a great bike fitting with Brendan this weekend at the Bike Fit Lab at Cyclecraft. She's been riding a hybrid & mountain bike & was ready to move up to a road racing bike. Brendan made sure she was dialed into the correct specs for a new bike set-up. I highly recommend this fitting service before you purchase or upgrade to a new road bike. Also, the staff was incredibly attentive & followed covid protocols throughout our time inside the store. Thank you!

Spectacular Road Bike Fitting

So much work goes into a fitting. Brendan was very thorough and did kept making changes to the set up to fine tune every inch of the bike, making sure my connection with it is as good as it can be. Thank you so much, very pleased with the experience.

Excellent Experience

Just had a fitting with Brendan and he was fantastic. He took his time to get to know me, conducted a full evaluation and fit me perfectly for my road bike. Highly recommended and overall an excellent experience.