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Brendan's Bike Blog

Articles and information from Brendan Poh, the owner of the Cycle Craft Cycling Center in Parsippany, NJ. Here's the place where you can benefit from Brendan's 28 years connecting people and bicycles for a better world!

Two people riding bikes along a pier

What's The Best Bike?

“What is the best bike?” is a question I have been getting since I started in the bike business 28 years ago. While bike trends have come and gone and technology has advanced the performance and variety of bikes available, choosing the “best” bike comes down to just a few questions...

A cyclist getting a bike fitting

Who Needs A Bike Fit?

Who needs a bike fit? Well, if you own a bicycle, or are shopping for new bicycle, and you’re reading this post, probably you! There are a lot of different reasons why someone should consider getting fitted to their bicycle. Usually though, the basic reason most people look into getting a bike fit is comfort and pain relief or increased performance, or all three. If you find yourself in one of those scenarios, read on!

A man leaping from his bike onto a grassy hill

Are Helmets Required?

Depending on what state you live in that answer can vary. If you live in New Jersey you are only required by law to wear a helmet if you are 17 years old or younger. A better question you might ask is “should I wear a bike helmet?” It may or may not surprise you to know that there is a lot of debate about that very question and naturally, I have some opinions about that....

In Praise Of The Lowly Kickstand

In the world of cycling there are two types of people. Those who use kickstands and those who do not!

In my thirty years in the bike business I have come across many people who are emphatically anti-kickstand and many people who are shocked when told that “no, the bike does not come with a kickstand but one can be added”. For those folks the idea that the bike wouldn’t just automatically have a kickstand is preposterous.

Bike Mirrors

Useful accessory or Nerd Badge?

A bike accessory that definitely doesn’t get enough attention is the rear view mirror. It’s one of those accessories that make some bike snobs turn up their noses. Since many bike shops are staffed by the aforementioned snobs, many people don’t realize mirrors are even a thing. But take it from me, a device that helps you know what’s coming up behind you on the road isn’t just a convenience, it could save your life!