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Bike Service & Repair

Beyond The Standard "Tune Up"

What is a standard "Tune Up " Anyway?  Cycle Craft is breaking away from the traditional “tune-up” model of bicycle service because it's an antiquated term that has been kicking around the bike business since the 1970s. So, here’s the problem with “tune-ups”; There are too many types of bikes with widely varying types of components to create a package price that covers all of the work you may, or may not, need. Another problem is that a “tune -up” may mean different things at different shops.  Also, the one price fits all model means that some people will pay too much for work they don’t really need, and some customers won’t get all the work done that they do need. 

To fix that problem we will assess and estimate repairs for every bike on an individual basis. Every bike that comes in will receive a basic safety check and 29 point inspection for only $25. If your bike requires  in-depth repair you will be presented with an estimate that you can either go ahead with or consider alternatives. This system allows us to make sure we get your bike working the way you want at a fair price that fits your needs. Easy! 

You can book your service appointment now and we can usually have your 29 point inspection done in less than a day! If your bike requires additional work, and parts are available, we can generally turn your bike around in two to three days.

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Joe Baldacci

Joe is our Director of Technical Services and is the guy who makes sure you get what Cat and Brendan promise you in our service department. All of our repair work is fully guaranteed for quality and function. If you have any questions about your repairs, Joe is your "go to" guy. You can contact Joe at the link below.

Our Services

Safety Check


29 Point Inspection
  • Your bike is evaluated and receives basic adjustments as needed to get you going. If your bike requires in depth repair or service you will receive a complete estimate.*

Flat Tire


Complete Price
  • Flat tire repair includes service and a standard tube. Some electric bikes, scooters, and specialty bikes may cost more.

Pack To Ship


Get It There Safe
  • Your bike is professionally broken down and packed in protective material for safe shipment.

Assemble Bike

$75 to $150

Any Bike Brand
  • We build any bike! Price includes professional assembly and adjustment of all systems for proper function and safety. Price varies based on how many parts the bike is in when we receive it.

*Estimates can vary up to 10% after work is started but we will never spend more than that without your okay

What Else Can We Do?

We're glad you asked! Our technicians receive ongoing training from Shimano, SRAM, Bosch, Campagnolo, Giant, Cannondale and more. We can perform virtually any repair on traditional bikes and E-bikes including drive train and brake system repair, suspension service, electrical system diagnosis and repair, wheel building, custom bike design and build, and install performance upgrades to your specifications. What do you need? Just ask!

Bike Maintenance at Home