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The Fitters:

All Cycle Craft’s fitters have certification from the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) in bike fitting. Some have multiple certifications including the F.I.S.T method. But more importantly they have a combined wealth of experience having completed thousands of bike fits for road, mountain, and triathlon riders. Our collaborative approach to improving our methods and technique allows us to provide a bike fit experience like no other. There are bike fits and then there are Cycle Craft Bike Fits. Our results are guaranteed!

Tim Dougherty

As a professional bicycle fitter Tim specializes in helping clients in many ways. Whether helping a first time rider find a comfortable position to solving a nagging issue that has gone unresolved Tim is a great resource. Holding a certification from Serotta Fit School and practicing his craft for over ten years, Tim has helped cyclists from all back rounds ride with greater comfort, efficiency and power. He looks forward to helping you achieve your goals on the bike whatever they may be.

Mike Eddeh

Mike brings 20 years of fitting experience to Cycle Craft using tried and true Serotta/SICI/FIST protocol. Having access to some of the best tools in the industry like the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit at Cycle Craft allows Mike to apply his skills very efficiently and with accuracy. Join Mike's countless clients find their faster and farther by choosing fit first!