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Bulldog Cycling Club

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2021-2022 Membership

Background Information

The Bulldogs are more than just a cycling club. Since our inception in 1991, we’ve grown from a group of junior racers (under 19) to a well-established club that includes men and women of all ages and abilities. With over twenty-five members on our current roster, new members join our ranks on a regular basis.Membership is not determined by fitness, ability level, age, gender, etc., but by the character of the individual and their positive impact on the cycling world. The Bulldogs pride themselves on our commitment to our sport, our community, and the environment.

Group Rides

Group rides the backbone of the Bulldogs club. They are an excellent forum to introduce people to the sport of cycling and to keep them involved, while ensuring competitive riders have the ability to practice during race season. Group rides also serve as an avenue to recruit new members for the Bulldogs and to train riders to be knowledgeable and safe. Finally, the Bulldogs hold large group rides on a weekly basis, each rider wearing his/her Club jersey.


The Bulldogs are a member of USA Cycling, IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association), NJBA (New Jersey Bicycle Association), and JORBA (Jersey Off-Road Bicycle Association).


Year after year, the Bulldogs attracts new members while maintaining its existing ones.As a Club we have semi-annual meetings to which all members are invited to attend.At these meetings, members get a chance to discuss not only racepromotion but they also discuss races, rides, and cycling trips. It is this commitment to the community which allows Club members to embrace both the Club and its sponsors. Spawning from this Club loyalty is the positive promotion of our sponsors, which is above all the goal of sponsorship.

Team Connection

Club riders who regularly participate in races as will be considered for membership in the Bulldogs Racing Team.

Membership Requirements



Designed for folks that want to ride with a larger group and/or improve their skills and fitness.


Always conduct yourself in a responsible manner when representing the club.

Wear the club jersey for any competitive events.

Wear the club jersey as often as possible when riding.

A strict non-drug policy will be followed by all Club members.


Special customer rewards program at Cycle Craft

Club Jersey

Racing under the Bulldogs name

Opportunity to join the "A" team race squad as slots become available

Rider clinics (mountain biking, cyclocross,etc)

Scheduled group ride calendar and monthly newsletter

Private social media to stay connected between group rides

Club support at select events

Club social events


The registration dues are $100 and includes one club jersey in either MTB or Road style.

Social Media

The Bulldogs recognize the importance and benefits of social media as forms of constructive expression.  Social media encompass any forms of communication through which users interact and share information and content over the internet.  Some examples of social media include, but are not limitedto:blogs, podcasts, email blasts, Facebook, Twitter,SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube, Discussion Forums, etc.

In order to effect positive and productive online dialogue, the Bulldogs asks that its members keep the following guidelines in mind when using social media:

1.Consider social media communications as public at all times— even those created with private intentions. If you are going to use social media in any form, consider that your communication may be preserved and read by anyone at anytime.

2.To the casual observer and fellow cyclist or racer, you represent the Bulldogs, our sponsors and the cycling community in general.  Your representation of yourself is a reflection on those communities.  Act accordingly.

3.Promote the sport of cycling in a positive light and with a general feeling of pride and enthusiasm. You are an ambassador for the sport of cycling.

4.Channel your parents’ advice: if you have nothing nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all. At no time will it be acceptable to post negative comments at or towards our sponsors, fellow riders or event promoters/staff.  If you feel something must be said, please do so “off line” in a private and respectful conversation.

5.If you see any questionable posts by fellow Club members, please bring them to the attention of an officer for review.

6.Noncompliance with stated social media guidelines may result in dismissal from Club/Club Bulldog

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